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Sri Lanka is a world renowned tourist destination. Forest reserves, marine reserves and national parks help to protect important areas such as the Sinharaja forest, which had it status enhanced in April 1978 when it was made an UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve. We recognise the unique potential Sri Lanka has to develop ecotourist programmes which can:

  • Develop sustainable livelihoods for local communities
  • SHelp protect and restore vulnerable environments
  • Provide an exciting and rich learning experience for local and foreign tourists

Our ecotourism programmes are supported by the Sri Lanka Tourist Board and the Sri Lanka Ecotourism Foundation. All profits from our ecotourism programmes are used to support our environmental and restoration projects in Sri Lanka. Our current initiatives include:

  • Galle biodiversity map
  • Rainforest ecotours
  • Belipola estate - arboretum and botanical garden